How do I send the application documents?

All applications are made online, meaning that each candidate must register via the Internet and upload all application documents. Please do not send any documents via email and/or regular mail. Link to the Online application portal

Are there application deadlines?

No, we have no application deadlines.

How must the letters of reference from professors be submitted?

The professors‘ reports should be submitted to the applicant directly to the other application documents but can also be sent by mail or by email from the professors directly.

There is no guideline for the professors‘ reports; these should be written individually.

Must the letters of reference absolutely be from professors? Is it cornpulsory to submit two letters of reference?

Yes, the letters of reference must be from professors and two letters of reference are required.

How long does it take to process an application?

You will generally receive an invitation for an interview or a letter of rejection approximately 4 weeks after submitting a completed application.

May the documents also be submitted in English?

Yes, all documents may be submitted in either German or English. A simple translation is required for documents and records of performance in other languages.

What documents must be uploaded?

The following documents should be included with your application using the portal:

  1. Letter explaining your motivation (maximurn 2 pages DIN A4)
  2. Completed scholarship application form
  3. CV in tabular form
  4. A copy of your high school diploma or comparable document
  5. Certificate of enrollment for your course of study
  6. Performance record (grade transcript)
  7. Two letters of reference from professors concerning your planned course of study as well as your personal and academic qualifications
  8. Income statements for yourself and your parents

What exactly is meant by income statements? As a PhD student, must I still submit my parents' income statements?

If you have your own income, we will need your personal documents in the form of tax returns, salary statements, etc. If you have no income of your own, we will need the equivalent documents from your parents.

Do the scholarships also apply to PhD programs?

Yes, PhD programs are awarded on an equal footing with other scholarships. The same application documents must be submitted and the same conditions apply. Please look for additional

information about this on our page Required Documents.

Do you also assist programs of study abroad and foreign students?

Yes, the country and the country of origin do not play a role in granting scholarships; an application is independent of nationality.

What is the possible amount of funding?

The level of monthly funding is in principle determined individually based on the submitted documents. The case is the same for the award of a loan or one-time payment.

When does the funding start? Will I be able to learn whether I can expect a scholarship before starting my course of study? Will I also be able to apply for a scholarship during my course?

We cannot make a decision before reviewing all application documents, and unfortunately we are unable to make a commitment on the part of our foundation in advance.

For bachelor’s degree programs, the earliest date for applying is after the successful completion of two semesters. For master’s degrees or doctorates, the application may be filed when the program of study commences. For other degree programs, an application may be filed no earlier than after two semesters have been completed. It is generally possible to submit an application at a later date.

What disciplines are supported by the foundation?

Our foundation focuses on economics and natural sciences; however, other disciplines may be supported in an individual case. The foundation makes this decision based on the submitted application documents.

There will be no grants for travel expenses, conferences and research stays.

What is the term of a scholarship?

The initial funding period is for a maximum of one year.

An extension of the scholarship may be applied for by presenting appropriate documentation of performance and/or other suitable documents that verify successful academic performance.

Are secondary studies also supported?

The entire course of studies is always considered – questions are then clarified in the interview, if necessary. Our focus is, as a rule, on initial studies; in individual cases, grants are also awarded for longer-term study projects.