Online Application

The requirements for an online application

  1. Applications from students of state or private colleges will be considered.
  2. For bachelor’s degree programs, the earliest date for applying is after the successful completion of two semesters. For master’s degrees or doctorates, the application may be filed when the program of study commences. For other degree programs, an application may be filed no earlier than after two semesters have been completed. It is generally possible to submit an application at a later date.
  3. Applicants should be able to demonstrate above-average performance based on their previous development (minimum 2.0 or better grade average), making it possible to expect that they will be able to complete their course of study in good time.
  4. If possibilities for utilizing public funds for educational assistance exist (for example based on the German Federal Training Assistance Act/BAFÖG), such possibilities must be used first.
  5. A scholarship must be used exclusively for a program of study, the organization and sequence of which allows the student to achieve a good examination result in a short period of time.

We will review the applications carefully and will make our decision based on the motivation, performance, personal profile and financial situation of the applicant.

We will invite candidates who satisfy the foundation’s requirements to a personal interview. The foundation will then make a final decision concerning the award of a scholarship.

It is very important for us to be able to monitor the academic career and academic success of our scholarship recipients on an ongoing basis. The scholarship recipients report on the past semester and on their progress based on exams, term papers and other evidence of success. The financial assistance will only be continued if academic performances are very good and the financial situation is unchanged.

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